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十堰市水光针美白嫩肤武汉素秀国际susoo学校水雾眉哪家好It#39;s New Year#39;s Eve and glitter sprinkles the space between my brow and lids. I have two teen boys at home and I#39;m retiring from a 22-year marriage with their father. I#39;ve never glittered in my life. Hell, I haven#39;t worn makeup since I was a teenager!现在是新年前夕,我涂了闪闪发光的眼影。家里,我有两个10岁的儿子,而我和他们父亲22年的婚姻也濒临尾声。我的生活从来都没有闪光点。从青春期到现在,我算是第一次化妆!And I#39;m staring into his eyes. The first unrestricted crush I#39;ve allowed myself since I was 20 years old. A crush I#39;ve worked through, journaled about, and ultimately recognised as a healthy response to mutual emotional and physical attraction. A crush I haven#39;t forced myself to subdue, like the others over the married years.现在,我瞪着他的双眼。这是我20岁以来第一次迷恋某人。我对这份恋情做出了很多努力,会写日记记录,最终人们认为这是彼此情感和身体吸引的健康反应。我没有强迫自己屈于这段恋情,就像那些结婚多年的人一样。;So, what are you doing tonight?; I ask as I hand him the cash, driven by a desire to feel that intoxicating glow of chemistry-something I#39;ve lived without for most of my adult life.“那么你今晚有什么安排呢?”由于想要感受我们之间的化学反应,因此我在递给他现金时问道,在我的成年生活中,基本都没有心动的感觉。;Going home,; his voice flat. ;It was way busier tonight than we expected,; he smiles tiredly as he takes the money, our fingers grazing, our familiarity understood. But this is the latest in a recent series of increasingly uncomfortable exchanges in which I#39;ve begun to admit he#39;s withdrawing the romance.“回家,”他语调平稳的说道。“今晚比预期的要忙很多,”他一边拿着钱一边疲惫的微笑着,我们的手指触碰,相互之间更加熟悉。但这是最近一次的交流,我们的交谈越来越不舒,我承认他不再那么浪漫了。Which is painful. Because it was hard won, that romance. It is the first guilt-free, swooning-beyond-my-marriage I#39;ve ever let myself feel. Ever. And he is younger. Much younger. One year ago tonight, well before I#39;d ever noticed this sexy young cashier, my soon-to-be-ex-husband and I were preparing for his major surgery. We#39;d taken our wedding rings off a year before that. But within days of our decision to formally separate, his surgeon called. Divorce could wait. We were (and remain) close friends, and he needed my support.这很让人痛苦,因为浪漫是很难得到的。这是我第一次毫无愧疚,而这无关婚姻。我从来都没有这样过。他很年轻,比我年轻多了。一年前的今晚,在我注意到这个性感的年轻收银员前,我那即将成为前任的丈夫和我正准备他的大手术。在这一年之前,我们就不戴婚戒了。但在我们决定正式分居的那几天,他的外科医生给他打了电话。离婚是可以等待的。我们是很好的朋友,他需要我的持。But I needed support too. And when I#39;d run to the grocery store for quick, easy meals during the long, intense recovery, there he#39;d be, just doing his thing, asking questions of every customer; making them feel at ease.但我也需要撑啊。在他漫长的康复阶段内,每当我跑到杂货店吃一顿简单的快餐时,他就在那里做他的事情,问每一位顾客问题,让他们感到轻松。In the first of his ventures towards me, he dropped hints about his age (I#39;m not that brave, and I never did tell him my own). He reminded me of snow falling years earlier, in June, when he#39;d had to call into his old job on that snowy summer day back in 2008…when he was 14.他第一次和我搭话时暗示了自己的年龄(我没有那么勇敢,我从来没告诉他我的年龄)。他让我想起了多年前的下雪天,那是2008年的六月份,当时的他十四岁,不得不在那个大雪纷飞的夏天打电话给以前的老板。译文属 /201612/482839硚口汉阳区做绣眉多少钱 Checking your inbox throughout the day for new emails.整天检查你的收件箱是否有新邮件。Scrolling through the endless Facebook feed hoping to find something interesting.为了找到好玩的,不停地刷脸书。Watching cute cat or baby s on youtube whole day.在YouTube上看那些可爱猫咪和小宝宝的视频。Thinking too much about the past or future.对于未来和过去想太多。Making project reports, assignments or presentations just for the sake of it.项目报告、作业或者是演讲稿,只是为了做而做。Whatsapp, Snapchat, Messenger and other similar chatting apps.各种即时聊天软件。Vampire Diaries, Suits, Big Bang Theory and other TV Series.《吸血鬼日记》、《金装律师》、《生活大爆炸》和其他电视剧。Discussing about people rather than ideas.谈论人而不是谈论思想。Making resolutions, To Do Lists and timetables and never following them.总是下决心、做清单和时间表,但是从未遵守过。Making meaningless connections on Facebook or Twitter and calling them friends.在脸书和推特上交一些无谓的朋友。Always following the footsteps of others and never following your heart or passion.总在效仿别人,从不听从自己的内心。Caring about what others might be thinking about you.在意别人怎么看你。Becoming too comfortable with your life and not challenging yourself to become better each day.安于现状,并不挑战自己变得更好。On technology:科技方面:Using an old laptop that takes 3 minutes to boot up whilst you sit there.坐着,去等待一台开机时间3分钟的电脑启动。Using an old smartphone that lags with every function you try and perform.使用功能落后的旧手机。Waiting for your inbox to refresh.等待收件箱更新。The wheel of death on Mac/PC.电脑死机。Watching the word #39;Deepak is typing#39; on Whatsapp on and off for 20 minutes only to receive a 2 line message.在Whatsapp上,花20分钟盯着“Deepak正在输入.....”这几个字,只为了接收两行短消息。Groups on Whatsapp that photobomb you with.各种Whatsapp组团的自拍轰炸。Baby pics.宝贝的照片。Memes.米姆(一种流行的、以衍生方式复制传播的互联网文化基因)。Otherwise:另外:The Facebook Newsfeed.就是脸书上的新闻。On travel:旅行方面:Delays on a tube because of signal failure.由于信号弱导致的视频缓存。A train being cancelled last minute.最后一刻火车被取消。Travelling with a driver who is really slow; like my dad.和一个墨迹的人去旅行,比如说我爸爸。Priority boarding on Ryan Air.瑞恩航班上的优先登机。Traffic; in general.交通阻塞。On people:人方面:Watching someone take 10 minutes to do a task that should take 2 minutes.看一个人用10分钟去做本来两分钟就可以搞定的事。Hearing someone talk about the same problems they were having one year ago; having made zero progress.听别人唠叨一年前遇到、而且目前没有任何进展的问题。Someone telling you about a new idea for a business they have for the 3rd time and yet haven#39;t done anything towards it.一而再再而三地听别人那些从未付诸实践的创业设想。People that repeat stories to you.一遍一遍地给你讲故事的人。On emotions:情绪方面:Dwelling; in general.想来想去,一般而言。Worrying; in general.焦虑,一般而言。Self Pity; in general.自哀自怜,一般而言。Regret; in general.悔恨,一般而言Complaining more than once.不断地抱怨。On work:工作方面:Most meetings.开不完的会。Much of the mandatory training.很多强制性的培训。People pitching to you.向你推销的人。Menial tasks involving admin, spot checking a spsheet and so on.细枝末节的小任务,比如管理工作、查看电子表格等。On the household:家庭方面:Washing dishes for an hour each day to save money because you don#39;t want to buy a dishwasher.为了省下买洗碗机的钱,每天花一个小时洗碗。Twilight.《暮光之城》。Subtitles when watching a movie.看电影时候的字幕。On life:生活方面:Not following your dreams.不坚持你的梦想。Settling.安于现状。Giving up.放弃。On love:爱情方面:Not trying.不尝试。Giving up.放弃。 /201705/509200湖北省韩式半永久眉毛掉痂

鄂州市做韩式雾状眉多少钱Peeling vegetables can be the most tedious part of any meal as you spend extra minutes on prep time. And when you#39;re done, you#39;re left with a pile of unusable skins that usually end up in the trash.对于任何一顿饭来说,给蔬菜削皮都是最枯燥无味的环节,因为你要多花时间来准备。而当你削完皮后,得到的是一堆没用的、最后要扔到垃圾堆里的蔬菜果皮。But according to health experts, what we throw away is actually one of the healthiest parts of our foods.但是健康专家表示,我们扔掉的其实是食物最健康的部分之一。Daily Mail Online spoke to certified nutritionist and registered dietitian Mary Jane Detroyer, based in New York, about why we shouldn#39;t be peeling our vegetables and all the hidden benefits found in the skins.每日邮报网站就不应该给蔬菜削皮的原因以及蔬菜表皮中蕴藏的营养物质采访了纽约的认营养学专家兼注册营养师玛丽?简?德特罗耶。According to Detroyer, there are several reasons to be leaving the skin on, and the main reason is what you deprive your body of when you peel it off. The rind of produce like potatoes, carrots, and cucumbers all have plenty of health benefits.据德特罗耶称,保留蔬菜表皮的原因有很多,其中主要原因是削皮后浪费掉的营养物质。土豆、胡萝卜、黄瓜等食物的表皮都对健康非常有益。#39;The skin has a lot of fiber and it#39;s insoluble fiber, especially when the skin is colorful,#39; Detroyer told Daily Mail Online.“蔬菜表皮含有大量不可溶性纤维,尤其是色鲜艳的蔬菜表皮,” 德特罗耶告诉每日邮报网站。#39;Most of the time, the majority of the vegetable#39;s nutrients are in the skin.#39;“通常情况下,蔬菜的营养物质大部分都集中在表皮上。”One example is cucumbers, with dark green skin that contains the majority of its antioxidants, as well as most of its vitamin K.黄瓜就是一个例子,它含有的抗氧化剂和维生素K大部分都存在于其深绿色外皮上。And the skin of a potato packs more nutrients - iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin B6 and vitamin C - ounce-for-ounce than the rest of the potato.每盎司土豆皮要比同等质量的土豆其他部分含有更多的营养物质,如铁、钙、钾、镁、维生素B6和维生素C。#39;People, when they make mashed potatoes, often feel they have to peel the skin off. But they can just boil the skin and mix it right into the rest of the mashed potatoes,#39; Detroyer said. She also added that the skin of vegetables contains antioxidants that fight against free radicals.德特罗耶称:“人们在制作土豆泥时,总觉得要把土豆皮削掉。但是他们可以直接把土豆皮煮一下,然后混进其余的土豆泥里。”她还补充道,蔬菜表皮含有的抗氧化剂能够对抗自由基。Free radicals are groups of atoms that can cause damage to the body when produced in excess, such as heart disease.自由基是一群原子,数量过多时会对身体产生危害,导致心脏疾病等。Vitamins C and E - as found in many vegetables - protect the body against the destructive effects of free radicals by neutralizing them.许多蔬菜中都含有维生素C和维生素E,它们能够中和自由基,保护身体免受其破坏。Additionally more colorful vegetables such as carrots and peppers have peels with phytonutrients, which contain antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and liver-health-promoting properties.除此之外,胡萝卜、辣椒等颜色鲜艳的蔬菜的表皮含有植物营养素,具有抗氧化、消炎以及保护肝脏的功能。One common fear that causes people to peel their vegetables, according to Detroyer, is the amount of herbicides and pesticides that can found on the skin.据德特罗耶称,人们之所以要给蔬菜削皮,主要是担心蔬菜果皮上的除草剂和杀虫剂。But that can be taken care of with a good wash, Detroyer said.但德特罗耶表示,只要认真清洗就可以解决这个问题。#39;Many people think they have to scrub their vegetables with soap and water to remove any of the chemicals, but if you just run them over with water, you#39;ll get rid of the dirt,#39; she said.“许多人认为他们必须要用香皂和水搓洗蔬菜才能够除去所有的化学物质,但其实你只要用水冲洗蔬菜,就可以去除所有的脏东西。”The dietitian added that if clients are really worried, she tells them to visit the Environmental Working Group website to get an updated list on the produce with the least and most pesticide contamination.德特罗耶还说,如果消费者真的很担心,她建议他们访问美国环境工作组的网站,下载一份最新的农产品农药污染情况排名名单。#39;And if they have the budget to do so, I recommend that they invest in eating organic produce, which can get rid of that fear,#39; she said.“如果消费者的预算充裕的话,我推荐他们购买有机农产品食用,这样就可以消除顾虑了。”她说道。#39;But the benefits of eating plant-based foods far outweighs the negative things you may about pesticides and herbicides.#39;“但摄入植物性食物的好处远远大于你可能看过的关于杀虫剂和除草剂的坏处。”A lot of peeling is preferential, Detroyer admits, depending on how you grew up eating vegetables or if you have more sensitive tastes.德特罗耶承认,很多时候人们喜欢削皮,这取决于一个人成长过程中食用蔬菜的习惯或是因为一个人拥有较敏感的味觉。There are even some skins that the nutritionist herself prefers to remove such as that of carrots because they #39;change the texture#39; for her.她自己也喜欢去掉一些蔬菜的果皮,例如胡萝卜的皮,因为这些果皮对她来说会改变食物的“质地”。But Detroyer said she can#39;t think of one vegetable in particular that has harmful effects by keeping on the skin.但是德特罗耶说,她想不出哪一种蔬菜带皮吃会对身体有害。She said: #39;Even vegetables that have tough skins. When I roast eggplant, I roast it with the skin on. Or when I cook butternut squash, I cook it with the skin on.她说:“即使是那些硬皮的蔬菜也是如此。我每次烤茄子的时候都会留着茄子皮。我料理冬南瓜时也会保留它的皮。”#39;In the end, it#39;s very beneficial and I always recommend that you get 50 percent of your daily intake from these plant-based foods.#39;“最后,蔬菜皮对健康非常有益。我总是建议大家每天摄入的食物要有一半是植物性食物。” /201704/503112黄石PCD纹绣哪家好 黄冈做纹绣价目表多少钱

武汉韩式绣眉多少钱Bangkok#39;s Husky Cafe – A Must-See for Dog Lovers控一生推:曼谷哈士奇咖啡馆If you#39;re a dog lover visiting Bangkok, you simply must stop by the True Love Café, a wonderful place where you can get a taste of Thai cuisine, or enjoy some refreshments in the company of dozens of adorable huskies.如果你也是个控,又恰好去泰国旅游,可千万别忘了到“真爱咖啡馆”坐坐。因为,在这个神奇的咖啡馆中,你不仅能尝到地道的泰国美食,还能在几十条呆萌的哈士奇陪伴下享受茶点。The True Love Café opened in 2013, when Chotiros Ratanabirabongse, Paw for short, a long-time husky breeder, decided to convert his farm into a place where people could interact and learn more about this wonderful canine breed. The place instantly became a hit with tourists, and today it is one of Bangkok#39;s most popular attractions.“真爱咖啡馆”在2013年开业,店主Paw之前是资深哈士奇饲养员。某天,他突然决定把自己的畜牧场改成一个人们可以了解和与哈士奇互动的地方。谁曾想,刚改造完毕,这地方就变成旅游胜地,也成了曼谷最受欢迎的景点之一。To be able to meet the 25 huskies of True Love Café, patrons must pay a fee of 350 baht () per hour, which also includes a free cake and drink. The doggies get 5 different play times every day, 3 of which (12:30pm, 3:30pm and 6:30pm) are open to human visitors. But before you get to enter their caged areas to play with them and pet them, there#39;s a strict protocol that you have to follow. Patrons must wash and disinfect their hands, put on plastic foot coverings and watch an etiquette explaining various rules that need to be followed when interacting with the dogs.游客付350泰铢(约10美元)/小时的费用,才能一睹咖啡馆里25条哈士奇的风采,当然茶点是免费的。们每天有5个不同的游戏时间,其中3个时段(中午12:30, 下午和下午6:30)对游客开放。但在你进入笼区跟它们玩乐之前,必须遵守严格的协议。不但得洗手消毒、带上塑料脚套,还要观看视频。视频中会教你跟互动时需要注意的各种规章制度。This charming True Love Café is home to 25 gorgeous huskies, 2 Australian Shepherds, 1 Japanese Akita and 1 little Shih Tzu. They are all very friendly with humans, and love nothing more than posing for selfies and being petted.“真爱咖啡馆”一共有25条哈士奇、2条澳大利亚牧羊犬、1条日本秋田犬和1条西施犬。它们都与人类相当亲近,最爱配合自拍摆姿势和享受爱抚了。True Love Cafe is the world#39;s first and only husky cafe, but certainly not the only animal cafe. Japan is famous for its cat cafes, reptile cafes and even owl cafes, and South Korea has its own dog cafe, as well as a sheep cafe, among others. It seems that whatever animals you#39;re into, there#39;s bound to be a cafe you can interact with them at.“真爱咖啡馆”是世界上第一家也是唯一一家哈士奇主题咖啡馆,但不是唯一的动物主题咖啡馆。日本有著名的猫咪、爬行动物,甚至猫头鹰主题咖啡馆;韩国也有和小羊主题咖啡馆。这么看来,不管你中意何种动物,总有一家咖啡馆适合你!译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201612/485218 荆门市水光美白祛斑提升紧致武汉市半永久纹绣多少钱



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