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A Chinese infrastructure tycoon who is suing local governments for allegedly failing to pay their construction bills said on Monday that he had reached settlement agreements totalling about Rmb700m (3m).状告地方政府拖欠工程款的一位中国基建巨头周一表示,他已达成总额约7亿元人民币(合1.13亿美元)的和解协议。Yan Jiehe, founder of the Nanjing-based China Pacific Construction Group, sued six local governments in January for debts totalling more than Rmb900m. But repayment agreements have now been hammered out with four of the debtors according to Mr Yan, who vowed to pursue the other two administrations in Hunan and Shandong provinces, which owe more than Rmb200m, to China’s Supreme People’s Court “if needed”.总部位于南京的中国太平洋建设集团(China Pacific Construction Group,简称CPCG)创始人严介和1月起诉六个地方政府拖欠逾9亿元人民币款项。严介和表示,他已经与其中四个债务人敲定还款协议,并誓言会继续向湖南和山东省欠了逾2亿元人民币的另外两个地方政府追债,如有必要会把官司一路打到中国的最高法院。“Our lawsuits put a lot of pressure on the governments,” Mr Yan said at a media briefing in Shanghai. “It means that the rule of law really works. I see great hope for China.”“我们的诉讼给相关地方政府造成了巨大压力,”严介和在上海的一个新闻发布会上表示。“这意味着法治确实管用。我看到了中国的很大希望。”Last year Mr Yan was named China’s seventh richest man by the Hurun Report with a fortune estimated at .2bn, while China Pacific Construction is ranked 166th on the Forbes 500 list of the world’s largest companies, with annual revenues of bn.在去年的胡润百富榜(Hurun Report)上,严介和被列为中国第七大富豪,身家估计达到142亿美元。同时太平洋建设在福布斯(Forbes)世界500强企业排行榜上位居第166位,年营收达到600亿美元。The lawsuits, believed to be the first of their kind in China, highlighted the massive debts accrued by local governments which borrowed money to build infrastructure and prop up economic growth in the wake of the global financial crisis.这些诉讼据信是中国首批状告地方政府欠债的诉讼,它们突显出,全球金融危机过后,中国各地的地方政府因举债建设基础设施、扶持经济增长而积累了巨额债务。According to the National Audit Office, local governments had accumulated Rmb18tn in debts as of June 2013, with Rmb2.8tn due this year中国国家审计署的数据显示,截至2013年6月,地方政府积累了18万亿元人民币债务,其中2.8万亿元人民币债务将在今年到期。In a belated effort to tackle the potential crisis, the Chinese government has authorised local administrations to issue Rmb1tn worth of municipal bonds in an effort to roll over some of the debt. Beijing also instructed state banks on May 15 to continue to fund public infrastructure projects even if the finance vehicles backing them were behind on their interest or principal payments.为应对这场潜在的危机,中国中央政府姗姗来迟地授权地方政府发行1万亿元人民币的市政债券,以便滚转一部分债务。北京方面在5月15日还指示国有继续向公共基础设施项目提供资金——即便这些项目背后的融资工具拖欠了利息或本金。In an interview with the Financial Times in February, Mr Yan said that his company had sued the six local governments to send a signal to other administrations that owed China Pacific Construction as much as Rmb50bn. He described the tactic as “striking the mountains to shake the tigers”.严介和在2月份接受英国《金融时报》专访时表示,他的公司起诉六个地方政府之举,是向其它地方政府发出一个信号,这些政府总共欠了太平洋建设高达500亿元人民币。他形容这种战术是“敲山震虎”。At Monday’s briefing, Mr Yan said that his gambit had been successful, with his company’s accounts receivable from local governments declining to Rmb40bn over recent months against a “normal” level of about Rmb30bn.严介和在周一的发布会上宣布,他的策略是成功的,他的公司的对地方政府应收账款在近几个月已下降至400亿元人民币,而“正常”水平是大约300亿元人民币。The construction tycoon, who made his fortune in a sector traditionally dominated by state and military-backed firms, said one local government in central Hebei province that owed him Rmb140m had previously protested it had no money. But it coughed up Rmb40m shortly after China Pacific Construction filed the lawsuits and has also agreed to repay the outstanding Rmb100m.这位建筑业巨头在一个传统上由政府和军方持的企业主导的行业发了财。他表示,河北省一个欠他1.4亿元人民币的地方政府此前曾抱怨其无钱付款。但在太平洋建设提起诉讼后不久,该地方政府就拿出4000万元人民币,并同意偿还剩余的1亿元人民币。“Before it was hard to get even Rmb4m from them and government officials were nowhere to be found when we visited,” Mr Yan said. “After the suit, our staff were received by their top leaders.”“以前,从他们那里拿到400万元人民币都很难,在我们上门时,政府官员们跑得一个人都找不到,”严介和表示。“打官司后,我们的工作人员见到了他们的最高领导。”He added that another county government had agreed to pay off its debt in monthly instalments of Rmb6m after it was threatened with legal action.他补充说,在威胁采取法律行动后,另一个县政府已同意以每月600万元人民币按月分期偿债。The governments targeted by China Pacific Construction could not be reached immediately for comment.记者一时联系不上被太平洋建设索债的地方政府请其置评。 /201505/377182。

The first half of 2014 has unfolded in unpredictable ways: House majority leader Eric Cantor lost a primary election, the U.S. soccer team made it to the Round of 16 in the World Cup, and “Game of Thrones” was actually bloodier than the year before.2014年上半年发生了很多出人意料的事,比如众议院多数党领袖埃里克·坎托丢掉了初选,美国足球队历史性地杀进了世界杯16强,新一季的《权力的游戏》(Game of Thrones)比上一季还要血腥。And so it went in auto sales: Many results were unexpected. In an overall economic environment that was surprisingly positive, some segments, brands, and manufacturers glistened while others faltered. Despite being battered by an epidemic of recalls, General Motors GM 0.53% posted better sales than expected, while Ford F 0.98% , celebrating the elevation of its new young CEO, fared worse. Sales of most luxury cars accelerated but Cadillac, a brand still in recovery, fell back. Subaru shined while Mini moped.上半年也是汽车业奇峰迭起的六个月,很多结果都出人意料。今年经济大环境总体非常乐观,有些细分市场、品牌和汽车厂商的表现非常抢眼,但也有一些折戟沉沙的例子。尽管上半年接连遭遇了一连串召回事件,但通用汽车(General Motors)上半年的销量却超出了预期。相比之下,刚刚换了新帅的福特(Ford)则表现得差强人意。大多数豪华品牌的销量都有所加速,只有仍然处于恢复期的凯迪拉克(Cadillac)不升反降。另外,斯巴鲁(Subaru)交出了一份耀眼的成绩单,而Mini则表现不佳。After looking over the numbers and ing the post-game analyses, here are some contradictions, mysteries, and surprises that confronted industry observers from January to June.在查看了销量数字、读过了马后炮式的分析文章之后,行业观察人士们面前仍然摆着一些令人感到矛盾、惊讶或不解的问题。Sales: With sales running at an annual rate above 16 million cars and trucks and headed toward their best finish since 2006, optimism is the prevailing emotion.Automotive News ed one securities analyst musing that sales might reach 18 million by 2017. Others believe that sales have peaked for this cycle and need to take a breather before heading higher. They pointed in particular at the growing popularity of six, seven, and even eight-year loans that could leave customers owing money when they go to trade in their old car for a new one.销量:随着汽车年销量猛涨到1600万辆以上,而且今年很有希望成为2006年以来汽车卖得最火的一年,乐观已经成了汽车业的主流情绪。《汽车新闻》(Automotive News )引用一位券分析师的话称,2017年美国的汽车销量有望达到1800万辆。也有人认为,这一轮的汽车销售周期已经走到了顶峰,恐怕要歇一歇才能爬上更高的纪录。有些分析师还特别提到了时下越来越流行的车辆以旧换新贷款,有的能贷六七年甚至八年。Recalls: GM sold 267,461 cars and trucks in June, far exceeding expectations and temporarily silencing its critics. It seems that the cascade of recent announcements from GM and other manufacturers has created “recall fatigue” among new car buyers. Besides, most of the recalled cars are older models that don’t show up in new car sales.召回:今年六月,通用汽车一共卖出了267,461台轿车和卡车,远远超过了此前的预期,也暂时平息了批评人士的口舌。貌似最近通用和其他厂商发出的一连串召回声明已经让新车买家形成了“召回疲劳”,反而不怎么往心里去了。另外,大多数涉及召回的车型都是旧款而非新款,也许也是没有影响到销量的原因之一。Hybrids: The number of hybrid models has increased every year, from 2009 through this year—it now totals 47—but their market share has not kept pace, according to Tom Libby, veteran IHS Automotive analyst. Hybrid share in the first six months actually declined from last year, despite an increase in model count. Libby doesn’t say, but my guess is that the number of buyers willing to pay a premium for gas savings is shallower than expected and it will take another leap in gas prices to jump-start sales. Consumers may also be wary of hybrid mileage claims. Both Hyundai and Ford admit to publishing overly optimistic mileage claims for their hybrid models.混合动力车型:据IHS Automotive公司的分析师汤姆o利比介绍,从2009年开始,市面上的混合动力车型逐年递增,如今已经有多达47款在售,但它们的市场份额却没能实现同样迅猛的增幅。今年头六个月,混动车型的市场份额相比去年同期有所下跌,只是车型数量有所增长而已。虽然利比并没有说,但据我本人猜测,愿意为省几块汽油钱而多花很多钱买混动车的消费者可能没有此前人们预想的那么多。要想大幅促进混动车的销量,前提是汽油价格必须大幅提高。另外,现代(Hyundai)和福特也都承认他们标榜的混动车型的油耗其实是有水分的。Trucks: Pickup truck sales are well off the pace of their peak year in 2005, says independent analyst Warren Browne, and he doesn’t see them climbing up to their former levels for another three or four years. “Unfortunately, we are not close to past peak economic realities, when real GDP growth averaged more than 3%, housing starts were above 1.7 million units and monthly paystubs allowed large-pickup intenders to become consumers,” says Browne. “We are going to have to wait until the next sales cycle, probably 2017-2018, to surpass the 2005 sales peak.” That’s bad news for the Detroit Three, for whom pickup trucks are an outsize source of profits.皮卡:独立分析师沃伦o布朗尼指出,虽然2005年创下了皮卡销量的纪录,但今年的皮卡销售速度远远地超过了2005年,不过布朗尼并不认为皮卡销时不时还会保持三到四年的高速增长。他说:“不幸的是,我们并不接近上一次销量高峰时的经济状况。当年实际GDP的增长率平均超过3%,新建房屋超过1700间,当时的月薪水平使大型皮卡的爱好者也能够成为皮卡的买主。因此,我们要等到下一个销售周期——可能是2017年到2018年,才能超过2005年的销售高峰。”这对底特律三巨头来说不是并不是一个好消息,因为皮卡业务对“三巨头”来说都是重要的利润来源。Segments: Compact crossovers climbed another 13% to 1.1 million by Automotive News’ calculation (think Honda CR-V,) while midsize sedans shrank 3% to 1.3 million (think Toyota Camry). How long before these lines cross and baby SUVs become the most popular body style?细分市场:根据《汽车新闻》的计算,今年上半年,紧凑跨界车型(如本田CR-V)的销量上升了13%,达到110万台。中型家轿【如丰田凯美瑞(Toyota Camry)】的销量下降了3%,为130万台。话说起来,跨界和小型SUV到底是什么时候变成了最受欢迎的车型?Sports cars: Subaru is the king of all-wheel drive vehicles and wields a big stick in rallying, but has a hard time selling sports cars. It moved 4298 copies of its BRZ, jointly developed with Toyota, while Scion’s version of the same car, called the FR-S, found 7662 buyers in the same period.跑车:斯巴鲁俨然已经成为全驱车型中的王者,即便这样,它的跑车销量也是差强人意。今年上半年,斯巴鲁与丰田合作研发的BRZ跑车只卖出4298台,同一款车的Scion版(又叫FR-S)只卖出了7662台。Brands: Fiat Chrysler’s Jeep saw its sales jump an almost unbelievable 45%, on the strength of the compact Cherokee introduced last year. Jeep sold 103,397 more vehicles than in 2013, 80,432 of them Cherokees. New models weren’t enough to lift FCA’s Chrysler, however. Its sales fell 14% despite the arrival of a new 200. Chrysler has been designated FCA’s volume brand, but it is currently being outsold by BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Mazda.品牌:归功于今年新推出的紧凑型SUV 切诺基(Cherokee),菲亚特-克莱斯勒(Fiat Chrysler’s)的Jeep品牌的销量令人难以置信地猛增了45%。Jeep在2013年一共卖出了103,397台车,其中有80,432辆都是切诺基。然而仅凭Jeep新车型的神勇还不足以提升克莱斯勒的表现。尽管新克莱斯勒200也已到店销售,但克莱斯勒的销量还是下降了14%。克莱斯勒已被认定为FCA的“走量”品牌,但它的销量还是不及宝马(BMW)、奔驰(Mercedes-Benz)和马自达(Mazda)。Import brands: Kia, the newest full-line manufacturer in the U.S. car scene, proved again that it is a fast learner. Its first-half sales ran 7.9% ahead of a year ago—nearly twice the industry average—and they weren’t all Souls and Rios. As Edmunds.com analyst Jessica Caldwell points out, Kia’s top of the line model K900, sells for more than double the ,000 of its range topper from a decade ago, the Amanti. I drove a ,400 K900 last week, powered by a big 5.0 liter V-8 and loaded with advanced electronics. Except for the badge on the hood, it was indistinguishable from cars selling for ,000 or more.进口品牌:最近进入美国汽车市场的韩国起亚(Kia)再一次明了它是个快速学习型的企业。今年上半年,它在美国的汽车销量比去年同期提高7.9%——几乎是行业平均水平的两倍。而且,它也并非只靠秀尔(Soul)和RIO这种小车搞“薄利多销”。正如汽车网站Edmunds.com分析师杰西卡o考德维尔指出的那样,10年前起亚的旗舰Amanti卖到26,000美元,而如今起亚的新旗舰K900的价格已然是它的两倍。上周我试驾了一辆价值66,400美元的K900,它搭载了一部5.0升V8发动机,还安装了先进的电子系统,从里到外的感觉都与其它20,000美元以上的车型截然不同。Volkswagen, which can do little wrong in Europe, showed once again that it is a slow learner when it crosses the Atlantic. Still unused to the idea that Americans like change, it has been marketing the same lineup of cars now for several years, and has seen sales fall 7% since the beginning of the year. It has vowed to speed up, but progress is slow. The seventh generation Golf coming to the U.S this fall made its debut two years ago in Europe.在欧洲称霸一方的德国大众汽车(Volkswagen)再次明了一旦越过大西洋,它就会变成一个迟缓的学习者。大众汽车至今不明白美国人是个喜欢变化的民族,它现在的生产线依然是好几年以前的生产线,它在美国的销量也比去年同期下跌了7%。虽然大众立志要加速在美国的发展进程,但进展却一直非常缓慢。将于今年秋天进入美国的第七代高尔夫(Golf)早在两年前就已经在欧洲亮过相了。Overseas markets: China continues to sizzle while Brazil cools off. Slow economic growth and higher interest rates along with, no doubt, football fever – soccer to you – kept Brazilians out of new car showrooms. Its motor vehicle sales fell 10% in June, finishing off a worse-than-expected first half in which sales fell 7.1%. That’s bad news for GM and VW, which both have big operations there. In China, the world’s largest car market, passenger vehicle sales are up 11.2 percent to 9.63 million for the first six months, though sales cooled in June. Domestic brands continue to lose ground to Western makers and now account for only a little more than one-third of the market. That’s good news for GM and VW, the two largest sellers there.海外市场:虽然巴西市场有所冷却,但中国市场依然炙手可热。经济放缓、利率升高再加上一心看球等原因,使巴西人民今年无心光顾汽车展厅。今年6月,巴西的汽车销量下跌10%,超过了此前预期的7.1%。这对通用和大众等在巴西投入重金建立运营机构的大厂商来说是个坏消息。而在中国这个全球最大的汽车市场,今年上半年乘用车的销量上涨了11.2%,达到963万台。不过到了6月,销量也是有所萎缩。中国国产品牌在西方品牌面前继续丢城失地,目前仅占中国市场三分之一多一点的份额。不过这对通用和大众这两个中国最大的汽车销售商来说却是好消息。Ultra-luxury: Rolls-Royce sales boil around the world but are only lukewarm in the U.S. Rolls, which is owned by BMW, says customers in Europe and Asia boosted sales 33% in the first half to 1968. That’s in sharp contrast to the skinny increase in the U.S., where One Percenters bought only 450 Phantom, Ghosts, and Wraiths vs. 426 last year. The average Phantom owner has a net worth of million, which is a good thing since the Phantom stickers for 7,500 and can be optioned up to 0,000.超豪华车型:劳斯莱斯(Rolls-Royce)的车型在全球都卖得异常火爆,唯独在美国市场不温不火。宝马旗下的这个超豪华品牌日前表示,今年上半年,欧洲和亚洲市场贡献了该品牌全球销量的33%,即1968台。而劳斯莱斯在美国的增长微乎其微。今年上半年,劳斯莱斯在美国只卖出450辆,勉强超过了去年的426辆。每位劳斯莱斯幻影的车主至少有3000万美元的身家,这对劳斯莱斯来说也是件好事。因为每辆幻影的起价就是407,500美元,选装版甚至可以卖到50万美元以上。 /201407/312519。

Investors have expressed disappointment over slow progress on easing capital controls and other financial reforms in the zone in the year since its launch. Data released on Friday confirmed the FTZ was a long way from becoming an international finance hub.投资者表示,对于上海自由贸易区(FTZ)成立一年来在放松资本管制和推行其他金融改革方面进展缓慢,他们感到失望。周五发布的数据实,上海自贸区距离成为国际金融中心还很遥远。Cross-border renminbi fund flows totalled Rmb156bn (bn), just 15 per cent of Shanghai’s total cross-border flows, Zheng Yang, director of the Shanghai financial services office, said in a briefing.上海市金融务办公室主任郑杨在简报中表示,跨境人民币资金流动总额为1560亿元(合250亿美元),仅占全市总量的15%。But Mr Zheng also hinted that more substantive changes may yet be in the pipeline, so long as they do not lead to volatile fund flows.但郑杨也暗示,会有更多实质性变化,只要这些变化不导致资金流动异常波动。“Free-trade [bank] accounts haven’t become a channel for hot money and arbitrage. Everything is normal. This is good preparation for the next step of conducting stress tests on capital-account opening,” he said.他说:“自由贸易账户资金流动正常,没有成为热钱流入套利和资金向内渗透的管道,这为下一步资本市场压力测试提供条件。”Last December the central bank established a framework for special FTZ bank accounts that enable easy transfer between overseas accounts. The rules also appeared to allow for transfers between FTZ accounts and bank accounts in the rest of China under certain conditions. In practice, however, regulators have been cautious about opening that channel.去年12月,中国央行为自贸区账户创建了一套制度,让海外账户之间能够方便地转账。这些规则看上去也允许自贸区账户与中国其他地区账户在某些情况下相互转账。不过,监管者在实践中对放开这一渠道一直很谨慎。“Right now moving funds from inside the FTZ to outside isn’t allowed,” Zhou Hong, president of the FTZ branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, told the Financial Times. “We call it the ‘second line’. Strictly speaking it’s still considered a cross-border transfer. Permeability is limited.”“眼下从自贸区内向外转移资金是不允许的。”中国工商(IC)自贸区分行行长周宏表示。“我们称之为‘二线’。严格来说它仍被视为跨境转账。资金渗透能力有限。”Such transfers are allowed only if the funds are used for trade or another approved purpose, she added.她补充表示,这种转账只在资金用途为贸易或另一种被批准的目的时才被允许。Indeed, regulators remain concerned about controlling the flow of speculative capital across borders. On Thursday the State Administration of Foreign Exchange said an investigation launched in April last year revealed bn in fake trade used as a cover for illicit fund flows.事实上,监管机构仍关注于控制投机资金的跨境流动。周四,国家外汇(State Administration of Foreign Exchange)表示,去年4月开启的一项调查已查出100亿美元的虚假贸易被用于掩护非法资金流动。Some analysts remain cynical about the prospects for more broad-based capital-account opening, arguing that the creation of dedicated zones is a means to strengthen government control rather than relinquishing it.一些分析师仍然对更广泛的资本账户放开前景感到怀疑。他们认为,政府设立特别区域是为了加强管控,而不是放弃管控。“These zones create corporate black boxes through which the anointed may flow money in and out of China,” Anne Stevenson-Yang, founder of Beijing-based consultancy J Capital Research, wrote in a note on Monday. “Clear rules have not been promulgated; the regime is, as they say, crossing the river by feeling for stones. That means that some people have more flexibility than others, all under supervision of regulators who decide passage on a case-by-case basis or at least company-by-company basis.“这些区域制造了企业暗箱,受到‘钦点’的人可以通过暗箱将资金转入和转出中国。”美奇金投资咨询公司(J Capital Research)创始人杨思安(Anne Stevenson-Yang)周一在一份简报中指出,“政府并没有公布明确的规则。整个机制是在所谓的摸着石头过河。这意味着一部分人拥有比另一部分人更大的自由,一切都在监管机构的指导下进行,它们按照每个具体案例、或至少每家公司的情况,决定该如何走。”“If there were a general intention to open the capital account and make renminbi into an international currency, either no such filter would be needed or the rules governing the use of these channels would be explicit and transparent.”“如果总体的打算是开放资本账户、让人民币成为国际货币,那么要么不需要设置这些关卡,要么这些渠道会有明确、透明的使用规则。” /201410/332601。

Wondering where global growth is headed this year? It might help to keep an eye on today#39;s oil prices.想要知道今年的全球增长情况吗?关注一下当前的油价或许能有所帮助。A sharp drop in global oil demand that began in May was a #39;leading indicator#39; of slowing global growth, as the latest round of gross domestic product data from Europe and Japan have confirmed, says London consulting firm Energy Aspects.伦敦咨询公司Energy Aspects称,自5月份开始全球石油需求大幅下滑是全球增长放缓的“先行指标”,而欧洲和日本公布的最新国内生产总值(GDP)数据也实了这一点。The price of Brent crude, the global benchmark, is down 12% from its mid-June peak, the result of tepid demand from European and Asian refineries as well as a perception of reduced geopolitical risk. While prices trawl 14-month lows near 1 a barrel, they are still too high to lure more demand from drivers and other consumers, Energy Aspects says.由于欧洲和亚洲炼油厂需求疲软,加上市场感觉地缘政治风险在下降,作为全球油价基准的布伦特原油价格已较6月中旬高位下跌了12%。Energy Aspects表示,虽然布伦特原油价格已跌至每桶101美元左右的14个月低点,但仍不足以激发驾车者和其他消费者的更多需求。#39;Overall weakness in global oil prices signal that demand has not really picked up#39; yet, the firm says. #39;This raises the question of whether the global economy and stock markets are due for a lurch downwards#39; later this year.Energy Aspects称,全球油价的整体疲软态势表明需求尚未真正回升,这令人怀疑全球经济和股市是否会在今年晚些时候突然下行。The Brent futures market points to sluggish demand. In July, the futures market for global benchmark Brent crude flipped out of backwardation -- when the front-month contract is more expensive that contracts for delivery in later months. Brent is now in contango, meaning that the front-month October contract is cheaper than contracts for later this year and next.布伦特原油期货市场状况显示出需求低迷。7月份,作为全球油价基准的布伦特原油期货价格脱离了倒价结构。所谓倒价结构,是指近月合约的期货价格高于远月合约的价格。目前布伦特原油期货价格处于顺价结构,十月份交割的期货价格低于今年底和明年交割的期货价格。Contango indicates that traders are buying near-term supplies at a discount because there are enough barrels to go around.顺价表明交易员们正在以低价买进短期合约,因为原油供应充足。On Monday, Oman crude oil on the Dubai Mercantile Exchange flipped to contango as well. While Brent is most reflective of the European market, the contango in Oman suggests that the Asian market is also well-supplied.周一,迪拜商品交易所交易的阿曼原油期货合约也出现顺价。布伦特原油是欧洲原油市场走势的风向标,而阿曼原油期货出现顺价则表明亚洲市场供应也很充足。The link between global growth and oil prices does carry some caveats, of course. A geopolitical crisis that threatens oil production from Iraq, Russia or elsewhere could send prices soaring again. And oil demand typically falls in the late summer and early fall as refiners perform seasonal maintenance, so stronger global growth might not show up in oil prices right away.当然,把全球经济增长和油价联系在一起确实需要注意一些问题。威胁到伊拉克、俄罗斯和其他地区原油产量的地缘政治危机可能推动油价再度飙升。由于炼油厂会在夏末秋初之际进行季节性维护,在此期间石油需求一般会出现下跌,因此全球经济增长加速的影响可能不会马上在油价中体现出来。Still, Energy Aspects says, demand for gasoline, diesel and other oil products could be an important indicator in the second half of the year.但是Energy Aspects表示,对汽油、柴油和其他成品油的需求可能是显示下半年经济增长的重要指标。#39;We are definitely not suggesting that the oil market is pointing towards a severe global recession, but [oil markets] may be telling us something about the state of the world economy which economic forecasts are currently not capturing,#39; the firm says.该公司表示,虽然不能确定无疑地说油市走势表明全球经济出现了严重衰退,但也可能从中窥探出经济预期中尚未反映出的全球经济形势的一些情况。 /201408/322188。

Eccentric Chinese tycoon Chen Guangbiao took out a full-page bilingual advertisement in the New York Times, inviting underprivileged Americans to a charity lunch and offering cash handouts.据CNN报道,中国大亨陈光标在纽约时报刊登整版双语广告,邀请美国弱势人群吃慈善午餐,并发放现金。According to Chinese media reports, the ad appeared in the New York Times print edition on Monday, announcing that Chen would host a charity luncheon at New York Central Park#39;s Loeb Boathouse on June 25 for 1,000 ;poor and destitute Americans;. Each participant would also receive 0.这则广告出现在周一的《纽约时报》印刷版,广告称陈光标将于6月25日在纽约中央公园为1000名“贫困美国人”举办一场慈善午宴,每位参加者还将获得300美元。Chen, who is known for theatrical philanthropic stunts, has a photo of himself in the ad placed side-by-side with a picture of Lei Feng, a Chinese soldier from the Mao-era who is celebrated as a selfless model citizen. The title above the images says, ;China#39;s #39;Lei Feng for a new era.#39;;陈光标一向以其特立独行的慈善方式而广为人知。在广告中他将有自己的照片和雷锋的照片并列。雷锋是一个毛泽东时代的士兵,被赞誉为无私的模范公民。照片上面的标题为,“中国新时代的雷锋。”Those who wish to join the luncheon need to RSVP via a Hotmail email address.希望参加午餐的人需要给一个Hotmail电子邮件地址尽快回复。Chen said he was hoping the lunch would show the US that there are Chinese philanthropists.陈光标说,他希望通过这次午餐告诉美国中国是有慈善家的。;There are many wealthy Chinese billionaires but most of them gained their wealth from market speculation and colluding with government officials while destroying the environment. I can#39;t bear the sight of it,; Chen told theSouth China Morning Post.“中国有很多富豪,但大多数人的财富是通过市场投机和勾结政府官员获得的,而且还破坏环境。我不能忍受这种现象,”陈光标在接受《南华早报》采访时说。Making his fortune from recycling domestic waste and construction materials in China, Chen has been in the media spotlight in recent years for his dramatic publicity stunts promoting philanthropic causes. He arrived at the scene of the 2013 Lushan earthquake in Sichuan just hours after the disaster took place and personally handed out cash to the victims.通过在中国回收生活垃圾和建筑材料发家的陈光标,用夸张的宣传来推动慈善事业,近年来一直受到媒体关注。2013年四川芦山地震发生仅几个小时候,他就到达地震灾区,并亲自给灾民发放现金。Chen has also tried unsuccessfully to buy the New York Times as part of his ongoing campaign to develop closer ties between US and China.陈光标还试图收购《纽约时报》,尽管没有成功,但这是他发展更紧密中美关系活动中的一部分。He recently expressed a desire to reignite discussions to buy the paper#39;s opinionsection and fill it with articles about environmental protection and charity.他最近表示希望重新开始与《纽约时报》商讨打算购买报纸中读者意见版面,全部发表环保和慈善事业的文章。Founder of the Huangpu Renewable Resources Utilization Group, Chen has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to various charitable causes over the years and has made it more than once onto Forbes#39; list of Asia#39;s leading philanthropists.陈光标是黄埔再生资源利用集团创始人,多年来已向各种慈善事业捐赠巨资,不止一次荣登福布斯亚洲慈善英雄榜。But not everyone is taken with Chen#39;s flashy generosity.但并非所有人都认同陈光标的浮夸的慷慨行为。Jeremy Goldkorn, director of Chinese media research firm Danwei, says: ;Chen is a clown whose so-called philanthropy appears to consist entirely of self-promotional stunts like giving handouts of cash in Taipei and New York, and cans of air to people in China.;Goldkorn has also tweeted that Chen is the ;greatest insult to the Chinese people.;中国媒体研究公司单位网的主管金玉米(Jeremy Goldkorn)说:“陈光标是一个小丑,其所谓的慈善事业似乎完全是由自我宣传的噱头组成的,比如在台北和纽约发放现金,给中国人发放灌装空气。”Other critics find it difficult to take Chen seriously when his English namecard lists an absurdly long string of self-aggrandizing titles, including ;Most Charismatic Philanthropist of China.;其他批评者在发现它的英文名片后也觉得对其不能太当真。他的英文名片中列出了一大串自我炫耀的头衔,其中包括列出的自我夸大冠军,其中包括“中国最有魅力的慈善家”。 /201406/307385。

More than 150 enterprises near the Shanghai Disney Resort that pose a pollution threat have been ordered to close by the end of next year by city authorities.上海迪士尼乐园附近150多家存在污染威胁的企业已被政府下令在明年年底之前关闭。Most of the 153 enterprises have high pollution risks, high energy consumption but low productivity in industries that include machining, metalware production, printing, plastics production and chemical engineering.这153家企业中的大多数都是高污染、高能量消耗、低产出的行业,包括机械加工、金属器皿生产、印刷、塑料制品生产和化学工程。This is according to an announcement on the website of the Shanghai Commission of Economy and Information Technology.此消息来自于上海市经济和信息化委员会网站上的公告。;Seventy-nine enterprises will be shut down in the first half of 2016 and the rest will be closed by the end of next year in an effort to make the zone better serve the needs of Disneyland as well as the Shanghai International Tourism and Resorts Zone,; the announcement stated.“为使此地区更好地符合迪士尼乐园以及上海国际旅游度假区的需要,2016年上半年将关闭79家企业,其余的将在2016年年底前被关闭,”公告如是说。Tourism products with agricultural features will be developed on 10 square kilometers of land in Zhoupu town in Pudong New Area, which is next to the Shanghai International Tourism and Resorts Zone.浦东新区周浦镇有10平方公里的土地将被用来发展具有农业特色的旅游产品,这里紧挨着上海国际旅游度假区。The .5 billion Disney theme park, which is scheduled to open next spring and is Disney’s first on the Chinese mainland, forms part of the resorts zone.这个耗资达55亿美元的迪士尼主题公园计划在明年春天开业,这是中国大陆第一个迪士尼主题公园,也是度假区的一部分。Pan Chunfeng, an information officer with the resorts zone’s management committee, said the decision to close the enterprises is not just to protect Disneyland but is also part of the city’s environmental protection campaign.度假区管委会的一位新闻官员潘春风说,关闭工厂这一决定不仅仅是为了保护迪士尼乐园,同时这也是城市环境保护运动中的一部分。Economic experts said the Shanghai government is using the Disney project to speed up industrial restructuring and to promote the relocation of enterprises with pollution problems.经济专家称,上海政府正在利用迪士尼工程加速产业结构调整,促进污染企业的搬迁。Lu Ming, a professor of economics at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, said, ;When considering the plan to build the Disney resort, the Shanghai government must have analyzed how it would benefit various sectors.;上海交大的经济学教授刘明说,“在考虑建迪士尼乐园这个计划时,上海政府必须分析它是如何使各个行业受益的。”Qigan, a village in Zhoupu, which borders the Disneyland resort to the north, has taken a lead in land reclamation. In 2009, an ecological farm with sightseeing, leisure and entertainment services was opened.周浦旗杆村位于迪士尼乐园南面,其在土地开垦方面发挥了带头作用。2009年,一个集观光、休闲、务为一体的生态农场开放了。Hu Xingdou, an economics professor at the Beijing Institute of Technology, said reducing pollution is to some extent more meaningful than merely closing or relocating enterprises with pollution problems.北京理工大学经济学教授胡兴东说,减少污染,在一定程度上比只是关掉或是迁移有污染问题的工厂,要有意义得多。 /201509/399429。

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. — Andrea Nguyen, who writes cookbooks for a living, knows that making pho in a pressure cooker is not the solution to California’s drought. Still, developing a reasonable version of the Vietnamese noodle soup that can be made in less than an hour, with half the water, matters to her these days.加利福尼亚,圣塔克鲁兹——安德莉亚·阮(Andrea Nguyen)以撰写食谱为生,她知道,在加州干旱期间,用高压锅煮炖越南粉不是什么好选择。不过,一碗半是汤水的美味越南汤面也可以在不到一个小时就做好,这段时间她经常做。“We’re all trying to do what we can,” she said. “It’s all about consciousness.”“我们都在努力,”她说,“这和观念有关。”Across California, home cooks and restaurant chefs are adjusting to a new reality in kitchens where water once flowed freely over sinks full of vegetables, and no one thought twice about firing up a big pot of water for pasta.在加州,家庭厨师和餐馆大厨开始适应新的事实,他们不再开大水龙头冲洗蔬菜,煮一大锅水做意大利面之前也会三思而行。The state is in the fourth year of a severe drought, but the reality of living with less water began hitting hard in the spring. For the first time, state officials ordered residents of every city and town to conserve water or face consequences.加利福尼亚州进入严重干旱已经是第四个年头,但今年春天,节约生活用水这件事变得认真起来。加州官员第一次要求每个城镇的居民节约用水,否则就得面临严重后果。Some residents had aly taken the punishment into their own hands with drought shaming, using social media to call out people with well-watered lawns or other outward signs of excessive water consumption.有些居民已经开始自作主张地惩罚、羞辱那些在干旱中不节约用水的人,他们用社交媒体曝光那些过分灌溉草坪的人,以及其他明显浪费水资源的行为。A culinary equivalent has yet to pop up, probably because running a kitchen is not as water-intensive as maintaining a yard or using the bathroom, where a bucket to collect water as the shower heats up has become an accepted part of home décor.目前还没有和烹饪相关的曝光,或许是因为烹饪时用水不像维护庭院或者洗浴时那样,需要那么多的精打细算——现在用大桶接淋浴时排放的凉水,已经成了许多家庭必做的事情。Yet the drought’s impact is being keenly felt in culinary matters, from how Californians cook and clean, to how they shop and even what foods they can find at the market.然而,在加利福尼亚,从厨子到清洁人员,餐饮界还是深刻地感觉到了干旱对烹饪的影响,从购物方式到市场上能买到的食物都发生了变化。“There is no such thing as putting your vegetables in a colander and letting the water drain through it anymore,” said Margo True, the food editor at Sunset magazine and the former executive editor of Saveur.“再也不能把蔬菜放在滤锅上用自来水冲洗干净了,”《落日》(Sunset)杂志的食品编辑与《Saveur》杂志的前执行主编玛尔戈·特鲁(Margo True)说。She and other cooks report that people are steaming more than boiling, and cooking with fewer pots and pans, a practice that she says fits nicely with the current popularity of entire meals that can be prepared on a sheet pan. “It’s marginal,” she said, “but it makes people feel better.”她和其他几位厨师说,人们现在更多用蒸东西取代煮东西,用更少的厨具烹制食品,她说,这符合目前流行的整体餐趋势,这样的一餐可以用一个大烤盘就做好。“这很俭省,”她说,“但是能让人感觉良好。”Food producers have been forced to change, too. Cheese makers who rely on milk from animals used to eating lush grass have had to contend with radically different flavors in the milk. Hodo Soy Beanery, in Oakland, had to find a way to streamline its process for making tofu, a food that takes lots of water to wash and chill.食品生产商也被迫做出改变。奶酪生产商需要依赖动物产奶,它们原本有丰盛的饲料进食,现在奶的口味有了极大的变化,生产商们也只得去适应。奥克兰的霍多大豆小吃店(Hodo Soy Beanery)得想办法改变生产豆腐的方式,因为豆腐需要很多水来清洗和冷却。In fields everywhere, the drought (along with a particularly mild winter and unusually cold spring) has changed the quantity, quality, predictability and price of the state’s best produce.在各个方面,干旱(外加较为温暖的冬天和极为寒冷的春天)改变了许多加州名产的产量、质量、预期生产情况和价格。The cherry crop was small, and gone in a flash. Strawberries and basil showed up at the market earlier than anyone can seem to recall. The first peaches — whose prices rose 11 percent last week, according to a ed States Department of Agriculture market report — arrived two weeks early.樱桃的收成非常少,很快就下市了。草莓和罗勒的上市期比任何人记忆中都早。最早的一批桃子也提早上市了两星期,根据美国农业部的市场报告,上周它的价格上升了11%。Cooks are bracing for more shortages. About 30 percent less rice will be planted this year, the California Rice Commission reports. Farmers, who in June were handed sharp new limits on water use, have to decide which crops they aren’t going to grow.厨师们还得面对更多短缺状况。根据加利福尼亚稻米协会报道,今年该州稻米将减产30%。6月,农民的用水受到进一步的新限制,他们得决定停止种植哪些庄稼。Shoppers in other states are starting to feel the effects. Philadelphia Cousins, Julia Child’s niece, can’t seem to find a California avocado in Colorado, where she lives.其他州的商家也开始感受到干旱带来的影响。茱莉亚·柴尔德(Julia Child)的甥女菲拉德尔菲亚·卡辛斯(Philadelphia Cousins)现居科罗拉多,她发现自己买不到加州产的牛油果了。“I think in coming months we’ll start seeing a shortage of a lot more than avocados,” said Ms. Cousins, who works closely with her aunt’s culinary foundation. “It really breaks my heart witnessing this, having grown up in California, which, in my childhood, was lush and fruitful.”“我觉得在未来几个月里,我们还会面临更多短缺,不只是牛油果,”卡辛斯女士说,她和阿姨密切合作,经营烹饪基金会。“这种情况真让我心碎,我从小在加利福尼亚长大,那里曾是那样肥沃多产。”There is an upside: Some produce has become heartbreakingly delicious.不过也有好的一面:有些东西变得极度美味。“I have definitely noticed some really exceptional ingredients this year,” said Suzanne Goin, who runs four restaurants in the Los Angeles area, including A.O.C. and Lucques. “The fruit is smaller and there is less of it, but it’s super-tasty and more intense. Of course, it’s also more expensive.”“今年我开始留意到某些非常特别的食材,”苏珊娜·戈因(Suzanne Goin)说,她在洛杉矶拥有四家餐厅,包括A.O.C与Lucques。“果实变小了,产量也小了,但它们的滋味却变得极为浓郁美妙。当然,价钱也更贵了。”Less irrigation means the cells aren’t as full of water, which leads to smaller, intensely flavored fruit. That is something fans of Early Girl dry-farmed tomatoes aly know. The method, pioneered before the drought became so severe, relies on cutting off irrigation once a plant is established, leaving it to rely on whatever water it can find.较少的灌溉令果实的细胞较为缺水,因此果实会变得个头较小,味道更浓。喜欢“早到女孩”(Early Girl)用干农法耕种的西红柿的人们早就知道这一点。这种方法在干旱变得如此严重之前就已经产生,它降低作物惯常的灌溉量,让它依靠自己能获取的水存活。Chefs have changed protocols both in their professional and personal kitchens. “I boiled some beets last night at home, and I poured the water onto my tree,” Ms. Goin said.在餐馆和自家厨房,大厨们都改变了操作规程。“昨天晚上我在家煮了一些甜菜,然后用这些水浇树,”戈因说。At restaurants, cooks defrost food in the walk-in refrigerator instead of in several changes of water. Ice is dumped on plants at the end of the shift rather than melted with hot water. Dishwashers are scraping plates instead of spraying them, and packing dishes more tightly into machines.在餐厅,厨师们把食物放进冷藏间解冻,不再使用数次换水的办法。最后剩下的冰块被堆放在植物下面,不再放进热水中溶解。洗碗工改为用力擦拭盘子,不再往上面洒水,并且在把碟子放进洗碗机时堆得更紧密。John Cox, a chef at the Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, became an instant folk hero among chefs on the hunt for water-saving techniques in April, when word sp that he had rigged up an air compressor to blow the food off plates before putting them in the dishwasher. He estimated that he has saved about a thousand gallons a day with the practice.大瑟尔的波斯特农庄酒店的大厨约翰·考克斯在四月发现了一种省水新技术,他拼装出一台空气压缩机,把盘中的剩余食品在放入洗碗机之前吹下去,消息传开后,他顿时成了厨师们心目中的英雄。他估计,自己的做法每天可以节省一千加仑的水。For diners, the most noticeable difference comes when they sit at a table. New state rules forbid waiters to serve water without asking first. After an initial hello, a waiter at Octavia, in San Francisco, the newest restaurant from the chef Melissa Perello, announced that “due to the shortage, we offer water only upon request.” If she hadn’t, the restaurant could have been fined 0.对于用餐者们来说,最明显的不同发生在他们刚刚坐到桌边的时候。新的州法规禁止侍者不经询问就给客人上水。旧金山的奥克塔维亚是大厨梅丽莎·佩莱罗(Melissa Perello)最新开的餐厅,在这里,一位侍者走上来,先问了好,接着说,“由于缺水,我们只在客人要求时才提供饮用水。”如果她不这样说,餐厅可能会被罚款500美元。In the kitchen, signs remind employees to make sure the faucets are off, and Ms. Perello said price increases and the shorter, earlier seasons have forced her to be more creative.厨房里有标志提醒雇员关紧水龙头,佩莱罗说,水价上升、供应短缺、农产品提早上市,这一切都迫使她发挥更多创意。Drought-stressed produce cooks differently, said Joyce Goldstein, a Bay Area chef, restaurant consultant and food writer who has cooked with California produce for decades. “It goes dead ripe really fast,” she said. It is softer and tends to lose its texture when cooked too long, a point she made in a recent column on canning she wrote for The San Francisco Chronicle.乔伊斯·戈德斯坦(Joyce Goldstein)是湾区的大厨,也是餐厅顾问和美食作家,几十年来一直用加州农产品烹饪,她说,干旱之下出产的作物要用不同的方式烹饪。“它们很快就会煮得烂熟,”她说。食材变得更柔软,如果烹饪时间过长,就会损失质感,最近她在为《旧金山纪事报》(The San Francisco Chronicle)撰写的关于罐装保存食品的专栏里提到这一点。Early peaches were so soft that she didn’t cook them at all when she canned some. Instead, she just poured hot brine flavored with ginger, clove and cinnamon over the peaches.早熟的桃子太软,所以没法烹饪,只得用罐装保存。做法是将热的浓盐水用姜、丁香和肉桂调味,浸泡桃子。“You really have to be vigilant these days and pay attention to what you have in front of you,” she said.“这些日子里真的要当心,要格外注意食材,”她说。The smaller fruit that results from less irrigation can be a challenge for farmers. David Masumoto, whose family produces a boutique crop of organic stone fruit on 80 acres south of Fresno, had a difficult time selling their petite Gold Dust peaches, which they intentionally grew using as little water as possible.较少的灌溉会令果实较小,这对农民来说是种挑战。大卫·松本(David Masumoto)一家在弗雷斯诺有一处店铺,批发经营占地80英亩的果园中出产的果实,这些日子以来,他们有意用尽可能少的水来灌溉,因此要出售较小的“金粉”桃子就变得有些困难。Consumers too often view the drought as something abstract, said Nikiko Masumoto, his daughter. “Here we were trying to do something good by conserving water and still farming with the intention of producing something with exceptional flavor, and no one was buying them,” she said.消费者通常觉得干旱是很抽象的,松本的女儿 Nikiko Masumot说,“我们试着在节约水资源的同时仍然种出美味的水果,结果没有人买。”She was so frustrated, she started a social media campaign using the hashtag #SmallFruitRevolution to change the minds of shoppers who equate size with quality.她感到非常难过,于是发起了一场社交媒体宣传活动,使用“#SmallFruitRevolution”(小水果革命)标签,试图改变消费者把水果的个头同质量等同起来的观念。A new mind-set is creeping into cafeterias at several large technology firms in California. Maisie Ganzler, a vice president at Bon Appétit Management Company, which runs more than 650 cafes for art museums, universities and corporations like Google and Plantronics, said its clients are starting to embrace water conservation as part of a larger movement to reduce food waste.新观念也来到加利福尼亚一些大型技术公司的自助食堂。好胃口管理公司(Bon Appétit Management Company)经营着650多家美术馆、大学与公司的食堂,谷歌和缤特力(Plantronics)都是它的客户,公司总裁梅奇·甘兹勒(Maisie Ganzler)说,客户开始接受节水观念,把它视为减少食物浪费的一部分。The company is exploring hydroponic gardens run on solar power, and recently created posters for some clients’ cafeterias that compare the amount of water it takes to grow various fruits and vegetables. It is cooking with imperfect vegetables that farmers might otherwise plow under. One client has stopped serving beef on Fridays, a nod to the large amounts of water used to raise grain-fed cattle.公司在研究依靠太阳能的溶液培养花园,最近还为若干公司的食堂制作了海报,比较不同水果和蔬菜生长所需要的水量。公司用并不完美,不需农民深耕的蔬菜烹饪。一家公司停止在周五供应牛排,因为谷物喂饲的牛成长需要消耗大量水资源。“Controlling your food is a way of feeling powerful in a world we often feel powerless in,” Ms. Ganzler said. “And everyone feels pretty powerless about what’s happening with the drought.”“在这个世界上,我们经常会有无力感,控制自己的食物会让你感觉有了一些掌控能力,”甘泽拉说。“在干旱到来之际,所有人都有深深的无力感。”Not every cook in California believes that radical change in the kitchen is going to help. People want to believe they are doing the right thing, but the impact is a drop in the bucket, said Nicolette Hahn Niman, an environmental lawyer and author whose husband, Bill Niman, pioneered the modern American grass-fed beef industry.并非所有的加州厨师都相信厨房内的改变会对事态有所帮助。人们愿意相信自己在做正确的事,但效果很可能只是杯水车薪。环保律师与作家尼柯莱特·哈恩·尼曼(Nicolette Hahn Niman)说,她的丈夫比尔·尼曼(Bill Niman)是现代美国草饲牛工业的先驱之一。Still, she too feels better by conserving. This year she is not planting anything new, just watering her perennials, like kales and her giant cape gooseberry bush.不过,节约资源仍然会让她感觉好一点。今年,她不再种植新的作物,只是继续灌溉原本种的多年生作物,比如羽衣甘蓝和庞大的灯笼果灌木。Cooks who garden debate whether growing one’s own food is a good way to ease the pressure on the water supply that feeds the state’s .4 billion agricultural industry, or whether a garden is too expensive and wasteful.拥有花园的大厨们开始讨论,自行种植食材是不是减轻农业用水压力的好办法(加利福尼亚州拥有价值464亿美元的农业),拥有花园是否过于昂贵和浪费。Marcy Smothers, a Sonoma County food personality who hosts the radio show “At the Table With Wolf and Smothers,” had for years celebrated Mother’s Day with a trek to the Kendall-Jackson estate winery to buy 10 new heirloom tomato plants at an annual sale. This year, she abandoned her home tomato patch.索诺马食品界人士玛西·斯莫泽斯(Marcy Smothers)拥有一档广播节目“与伍尔夫和斯莫泽斯共餐”,多年来,她每年都长途跋涉,到肯德尔-杰克逊(Kendall-Jackson)庄园酿酒厂的年度销售会上购买10棵最新的该庄园特色家传西红柿植株,以此庆祝母亲节。今年她放弃了在家里种西红柿。Ms. Smothers nourishes her flower pots with the water she uses to boil artichokes. And she has gone back to using a pasta-cooking method popularized by the author Harold McGee that starts with cold water (about half the amount traditionally used) and requires a lot of stirring.现在,斯莫泽斯用煮开朝鲜蓟的水来浇花。她还开始使用哈罗德·麦克吉(Harold McGee)最早使用的冷水烹饪意大利面方法,这需要做很多搅拌,但比传统做法节省一半的水。“I’m Italian, so I eat pasta a couple of times a week,” she said. “We all do what we can do.”“我是意大利人,每周要吃两三次意大利面,”她说。“我们都在尽量做我们能做的。”Ms. Nguyen, the Vietnamese cook working on a drought-friendly pho, feels the same way. Traditionally, meat and bones are blanched for the soup, then that water is discarded. More fresh water is used for a three-hour simmer.越南厨师阮女士也在为干旱时期调整越南粉的做法,她也有同感。传统上,汤里的肉和骨头应该煮到发白,然后把汤扔掉。炖汤需要三小时,要用掉很多水。To compensate for the intensity of pressure cooking and the truncated cooking time, she has tinkered with the amounts of star anise, ginger, cinnamon and salt, and has added a bit of apple, using fish sauce for fortification after the pho is cooked.为了补偿蒸食和缩短烹饪时间所损失的鲜味,她放入了大量八角、姜、肉桂和盐,还放了一点苹果,在越南粉做好后使用鱼酱做最后调味。The broth is still rich and perfumed, but not quite the same as pho that has simmered gently for hours. The recipe will be featured in Ms. Nguyen’s fifth book, to be published in early 2017.做出的汤仍然仍然浓郁芬芳,但和文火煮炖几小时的越南粉不太一样了。这个食谱会收进阮女士的第五本食谱书中,该书于2017年初出版。“I think it captures the notion of what pho means to people, but it has this extra twist,” she said. “You can feel like maybe eating a bowl of pho is contributing to the greater good.”“我觉得它把握住了越南粉的精髓,但有了很大转变,”她说。“你可能会觉得这碗越南粉对世界更有益处。”Recipe: Pressure Cooker Beef Pho菜谱:高压锅蒸越南牛肉粉 /201507/387322。

There#39;s no time like the present to make sure all your estate-planning ducks are in a row.没有什么时候比当下更适宜准备,确保你的遗产规划不出任何乱子。For many people, the words #39;estate planning#39; may conjure up thoughts of large inheritances and tax shelters. But planning #39;isn#39;t just about death and taxes; it#39;s also about what happens if you get very sick and live,#39; says G. Mark Shalloway, a West Palm Beach, Fla., attorney who specializes in elder law.一说到“遗产规划”这个词,很多人可能就会想起大额的遗产和各种避税手段。但佛罗里达州西棕榈滩专攻老年法的律师马克#12539;夏洛威(G. Mark Shalloway)说,遗产规划“不只关系到死亡和税赋,也关系到你活着的时候生大病的问题”。Here#39;s are the four estate-planning documents everyone needs:以下是人人都需要的四份遗产规划文书:1 A will.1. 遗嘱Many people think they don#39;t need a will. But sitting down with a lawyer and completing a will is the best way to ensure your wishes will be fulfilled--and to avoid leaving anything up to the courts.很多人都觉得自己不需要遗嘱。但咨询律师并填写一份遗嘱是确保所有愿望都得到实现的最好办法,也是避免把某些事情交由法庭裁决的最好办法。#39;It#39;s often best to do a very simple will directing where things go,#39; says Philip Bouklas, an attorney in New York. That#39;s especially the case if there are multiple children where it#39;s critical to name guardians for minors, he says.纽约律师菲利浦#12539;克拉斯(Philip Bouklas)说:“很多情况下,最好都是订立一份非常简单的指导性遗嘱。”他说,如果有多位子女、给未成年子女指定监护人至关重要,那么就更应该订立一份遗嘱。An important part of the will is naming the executor who is in charge of managing an estate, including paying bills. While you don#39;t need to tell anyone what is in your will, it#39;s important to let your designated executor know he or she has been chosen to do that job, and it might be a good idea to inform other family members, too.遗嘱中的一个重要部分,是指定负责管理遗产、包括付各种费用的执行人。虽然你不需要把遗嘱内容告诉任何人,但让你所指定的执行人知道你挑选了他或她来做这件事却是很重要的,告知其他家族成员可能也是一个不错的主意。Mr. Bouklas also suggests having discussions with family members about how personal effects or family heirlooms are handled.克拉斯还建议跟家族成员商量怎么处理私人物品和传家之物的问题。#39;You can#39;t just stick your head in the sand and say #39;they#39;ll figure it out,#39; #39; he says.他说:“你不能只管把脑袋埋进沙子里说,‘他们会想出办法的’。”There may be a temptation to do a will on the cheap, using online resources. T warily. Small details can end up invalidating wills or leaving your wishes unfulfilled.订立遗嘱的时候,你可能会忍不住想利用网上资源,从而少花钱。可要小心了。到头来,一些小小的细节就有可能造成遗嘱失效,或使你的遗愿无法实现。2 Durable power of attorney.2. 持久委托书A power of attorney can give someone else the authority to act as your #39;agent#39; and make legal and financial decisions should you become incapacitated.万一你丧失能力,委托书可以授权别人以你“代理人”的身份制定法务和财务方面的决策。Don#39;t take this decision lightly. Unlike an executor, this could be a continuing role. #39;People don#39;t give enough thought to whom they are giving power of attorney,#39; says Michael Kirtland, a Colorado Springs, Colo., estate-planning and elder-law attorney.不要小看这个决定。和执行人不一样的是,这个代理人可能是一个持续性的角色。科罗拉多州科罗拉多斯普林斯遗产规划与老年法律师迈克尔#12539;科特兰(Michael Kirtland)说:“在授权给谁的问题上,人们想得不够周到。”Mr. Shalloway says it#39;s important to consider that this person will be managing your finances. #39;You may have someone who is devoted to you, but doesn#39;t have the skill sets for managing money,#39; he says.夏洛威说,一定要想到,这个人将会管理你的财务。他说:“他可能会是一个忠诚于您,却没有管钱技能的人。”Finally, always name a backup. Many people will name their spouse, says Mr. Kirtland. #39;But what happens if both are injured in a car wreck or both develop signs of dementia?#39;最后,一定要指定一个候补人选。科特兰说,很多人都会任命配偶,“但如果两个人都在车祸中受伤,或两个人都出现了痴呆症状,那又怎么办?”3 Medical power of attorney.3. 医疗委托书This document--also known as a health-care proxy--enables any adult you designate to make medical decisions on your behalf should you be unable to make them yourself.如果你无法自己做出医疗方面的决定,那么这份文件(又称为医疗保健代理书)就会让你所指定的成年人能够代表你做出这些决定。#39;Pick the person who you think is going to stay calm in a crisis,#39; says Mr. Kirtland. #39;Mom was in an auto accident...and that person is being asked to make medical decisions under the stress of #39;Mom is dying.#39; #39;科特兰说:“要挑选你认为会在危机中保守镇定的那个人。妈妈遇到车祸,那个人要在‘妈妈要死了’的压力之中做出医疗方面的决定。”4 A living will.4.生前遗嘱A living will--sometimes known as an advanced health-care directive--specifies in writing your wishes for end-of-life care. That includes such things as whether you want to be resuscitated if your breathing or heartbeat stops, or whether you want to be kept alive through artificial respiration or feeding.生前遗嘱(living will)有时候又叫“事先医疗指令”(advanced health-care directive),它用书面形式列出你对临终护理的愿望,比如如果呼吸或心跳停止,你是否希望做心肺复苏,以及你是否希望通过人工呼吸或人工进食维持生命。When it comes both to the medical power of attorney and living will, sit down and have a conversation with loved ones about your wishes. It may not be easy, but will help later in what will be a difficult time for your family.在涉及医疗委托书和生前遗嘱的时候,坐下来跟家人一起谈谈你的愿望。这种谈话可能不太轻松,但之后在困难处境中会帮到你的家人。Lastly, make things easier for everyone by keeping your important documents, financial records and even information about doctors and medication updated and in one place. (Just not in a safe-deposit box, which will require a power of attorney to access.)最后,把你的重要文件、财务记录甚至是有关医生和药物的信息都更新到最新状态并归置到一处,从而让大家都更加方便一些。(别放进保险箱,因为要凭委托书才能进入。)Mr. Bouklas says he has clients who once a year or so provide him with an updated list of their bank and investment accounts, and any other important information, which he then holds in their file.克拉斯说,他的一些客户大约每年一次为他提供最新的账户、投资账户名单,以及可能还有的其他重要信息,然后他把这些信息放到他们的档案中。#39;It helps keep things a lot more orderly,#39; he says.他说:“这有助于让事情变得有序很多。” /201408/319043。