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  • 美剧迷如何三步寓学于乐 -- ::50 来源:   Many people effectively learn English from Hollywood movie. Yet, you can see some friends, who watch thousands of hollywood movies, do not speak any words!! Right, the thing is you don't just watch it but you have to watch by learning purpose to create more useful entertainment  很多人一边看着好莱坞的电影一边就把英语学好了但是也有些人看了几千部好莱坞电影,还是一个字都不会说!关键在于你不能只是看着玩,还必须抱着学习的目的认真的看  The steps may annoy your emotion but if you want to learn English you'd better follow below steps. Otherwise, you may lose your time and eft without nothing  下面这3个步骤也许会让你觉得不爽,但是如果你真的想通过看电影提高英语的话,你最好还是遵循这3步,否则你要么浪费了时间,要么浪费了精力,最终一无所获  Step1: Watch soundtrack movie (of course!!) and watch it with the subtitle on at the first time. Your eyes and ears should work equally at this stage. Try to understand the theme and the main idea of the movie  第一步:看有声电影第一遍的时候带着字幕看这一阶段,你的眼睛和耳朵应当同时工作试着理解片子的主题和大意  Step : Watch it again, still with subtitle on, but now try to minimize the use of your eyes on the subtitle. Listen as much as possible and look at the subtitle only when you really do not understand. Skip all small detail at the first time and slowly increase the amount of learning by decreasing the number of time you stop the movie  第二步:第二遍看,还是带着字幕,但是尽量少看字幕努力用耳朵去听,只是在实在不懂的时候再看一眼字幕刚开始的时候忽略掉听不懂的细节,不要一遇到听不懂的就暂停然后慢慢的多听几遍,试着越来越少的暂停  Step 3: Watch it without subtitle. It sounds tough but believe me, after enough practice at the first two steps, you will find it easier to watch the movie in pure English  第三步:去掉字幕看这听上去很难但是你要相信,只要你在前两步练习的足够充分,你就会发现去掉字幕没有想像的那么难  You may need to spend sometime to pass the first two steps. Do not reach the last step too early because it can greatly discourage you. However, if you reach it when you are y you may never imagined that English is such a piece of cake you  你应该在前两个步骤上多花些时间不要过早的进入第三个步骤不然你会遭受打击的但是一旦你达到了第三步,你就会出乎意料的发现原来英语不过是小菜一碟!.icon_sina, .icon_msn, .icon_fx{ background-position: px -1px}.icon_msn {background-position: -5px -1px;}.icon_fx {background-position: -0px -50px;} 美剧 如何 三步
  • 当你犯错时,不要总放在心上记住犯错的原因,然后向前看犯错是智慧的课程过去无法改变现在仍在你的手中利用好你的错误,来实现你的目标和理想 Mistakes Mistakes and errors are the disciplined true which we advance in life. Mistakes are great teachers. Success comes to those who are willing to risk making mistakes in the pursuit of their goals and aspirations, and who are able to learn from those mistakes. And in order to learn from mistakes you must be willing to pay them.Mistakes can be enormously valuable, but when you try to get others to pay your mistakes, then you deprive yourself of the opporty to learn from them. When something goes wrong, it's usually very easy to find someone else to blame, but what does that really accomplish?Much of the value of mistakes comes from the fact that they demand a cost that must be paid. The person who learns the most from a mistake is the person who pays the price that mistake.When you make a mistake, the lastthing you want to do is run away from it. You need to accept it because you can learn a lot from it. The mistake has been made, so make the most of it. Pay the price, learn the lesson, and grow that much stronger.When you make a mistake, don't look back at it long. Remember the reason it, and then look ward. Mistakes are lessons of wisdom. The past cannot be changed. The present is still in your power. Take full advantage of your mistakes to achieve your goals and aspirations. 9573
  • 英语口语:吃撑着了英文怎么说? -- 3:1: 来源: 喝酒不能贪杯,看见美食也不能贪嘴喔!吃饱了千万别勉强,一定要坚定的告诉他们:我真的吃不动了!   1. I've had all I can eat.   能吃的都吃了,再也吃不下了   . I couldn't eat another mouthful.   我吃不动了   3. I can hardly move.   吃了太多,快挪不动了   . I'll burst if I eat another mouthful.   再吃就该撑到爆了   5. There's no room any more.   实在没地方装了   6. I've done very well,thanks.   我吃得很好了,谢谢!   7. I can't eat another bite.   我一口也吃不下了   8. I'm stuffed.   我吃得饱饱的了 英语口语
  • Sometimes our fate resembles a fruit tree in winter Who would think that those branches would turn green again and blossom, but we hope it, we know it.有时我们的命运就像冬天里的一棵果树:当时,谁会去想这棵果树的枝叶会再次变绿,开花,但我们一直怀有希望,并坚定着信念Welcome to the most easily misunderstood season of all, winter, a beautiful season of intimacy and reflection. I’m Faith at Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax.Winter gives us the opporty to stay inside and look outside, as we're not called outdoors to enjoy the warmth and sunshine. Snuggle up in the sofa, put a blanket over you, have a cup of hot cocoa, and enjoy the observations on this precious season…Winter is the time comt, good food and warmth, the touch of a friendly hand and a talk beside the fire It is the time home.During the winter I am content,or try to think I am. There is a wonderful joy in leaving behind the noisy city streets and starting out along the white road that leads across the hills. With each breath of the sharp, reviving air one seems to inhale new life. A peace as evident as the sunshine on the fields takes possession of one's inner being. The trivial cares are driven away by the first sweep of wind that comes straight from the mountains. The intense silence that broods over the snow-bound land is a conscious blessing from the nature. 57
  • “上圈套”怎么说 -01-7 00:: 来源: 听别人说了几句“恭维话”,就“上了圈套”,然后被人“唆使”着干事去了今天我们就来学学这三个词的表达1. 恭维话 blarneyBlarney 就是“恭维话”,例如:Only a fool will believe your blarney.只有傻瓜才会相信你的花言巧语  . 上圈套 rise to the baitRise to the bait 的意思就是“be tempted by or react to an enticement”,就好像鱼吃饵一样,例如:Mr. Zhao again rose to the bait set by the guys.赵先生又上了那帮人的圈套了We told him there'd be lots of single young women at the party, and he rose to the bait.我们告诉他聚会上会有很多单身女人,他就上套了   3. 唆使 put somebody up to“唆使”就是put somebody up to,例如:There must be someone who had put him up to that.肯定有人唆使他去干那件事(改编自:大大网 英语点津 Annabel 编辑) 怎么 bait 就是 例如
  • Great ExpectationsAs the night was fast falling,and as the moon,being past the full,would not rise early,we held a little councila short one, clearly our course was to lie by at the first lonely tavern we could find.So,they plied their oars once more,and I looked out anything like a house.Thus we held on,speaking little, four or five dull miles.It was very cold,and,a collier coming by us,with her gallery-fire smoking and flaring,looked like a comtable home.The night was as dark by this time as it would be until morning;and what light we had,seemed to come more from the river than the sky,as the oars in their dipping stuck at a few reflected stars. 93360
  • “How are you”的种回答! -- 3::39 来源: “How are you”的种回答! 可能是受以前英语教科书的影响太深,很多人在听到别人问“how are you?”的时候,我们下意识的反应就是“Fine, Thank you! And you?”其实这句寒暄的问候可以有很多种回答,58英语网为您整理了一些!快来看一看吧!1. Not bad.还不错. Actually I'm a bit under the weather.实际上我有点不舒.3. I'm hanging on.还活着. Been better.不太理想5. Mustn't grumble.没什么好抱怨的6. Can't complain.没什么好抱怨的7. If you must know, I feel terrible.如果你一定要知道的话,我感觉糟透了8. So-so.一般般吧9. Fair to middling.还过得去. I'm better than I deserve.挺好!. I'm OK and you?挺好,你呢?. Fine, thank you asking.很好,感谢关心. Fit as a fiddle.很健康. Right as rain.一切顺利!. I'm much better now that you are here.你来了之后,我好多了. I'm just wonderful!我觉得好极了!. I'm great, feeling on top of the world.我很好,非常高兴18. Never felt better.再好不过了19. I feel like a million bucks.我感觉棒极了!. Better than ever.好得不能再好了 How are you “How you”的种回答!
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