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本对话选OC《橘子郡男孩Marissa因为父亲的丑闻,父母离异,男友背叛以及差点自杀身亡等事件成为学校议论的焦点,这让Marissa很难过,想辞去社交主席的职位但是Dr.Kim则安慰她,并劝她不要这样做,走自己的路让别人说去吧Dr.King: You are not quitting your post as social chair, Marissa, You were elected by the students. You've held the position years.Marissa: I know, Dr. Kim, but that was bee everything that's happened this summer.Dr.Kim: I understand you are going throught a lot of change right now, but you're a leader here at Harbor. That doesn't have to change. You're a wonderful example to your fellow students. They look up to you.Marissa: Not any more. They don't.Dr.Kim: Putting aside the issue of how walking away from your extracurricular responsibilities will affect your college transcript. People are always going to talk, may as well give them something good to talk about. Don’t disappear, Marissa, this is your school, your life, your future.重点知识解释:1. post n. 职位例句:We might get you a post as a waitress. 我们也许能给你找到一份女招待的工作. look up to 尊敬up表示向上,如果我们抬头仰视某人的话,那表示对方地位较高,look up to的意思是尊敬,敬仰例如:In the old society, who would look up to us? 在旧社会谁会看得起我们?相反look down upon表示藐视,轻视,看不起例如:He looks down upon his opponent.他藐视他的对手3. put aside 撇开aside 意思是在一边,在旁边put aside指把……放在旁边,也就是指撇开……不说,不管……例如:Putting aside the real estate, she also has a lot of money invested in some profitable companies.撇开房产不说,她还在一些盈利颇丰的公司投资了不少钱把……放在一边也可以指留着不用,put aside还表示存储,保留例如:She's put aside a tidy sum her retirement.她存了一笔相当可观的钱以备退休之用汉语译文:Dr. Kim: 你不能辞去社交主席的职位,Marissa,你是学生们选出来的,而且你已经在这个职位上干了两年了Marissa: 我明白,Kim教授,但这是在这个夏天那些事情发生前的事了Dr. Kim: 我知道,最近你经历了很多改变,但是在Harbor高中,你是一个领导者,这点并不需要变你在同学中是一个极好的表率,他们指望着你呢Marissa: 现在不会了Dr.Kim: 放弃课外责任的问题,会影响你的大学入学评语不说,谈论是人的天性之一,你也可以给他们一些好的东西来谈论不要离开,Marissa,这是你的学校,你的生活,你的未来课后题目:学习完后,你知道Marissa想干什么了吗? 65

3.Unexplored Caves3.没有人迹的洞穴It common knowledge that most of the Earth oceans remain unexplored. That not because weve spent all our time getting to grips with the land, though.我们都知道地球上大部分海洋都没有探测过而原因并不是我们把所有精力都用在开发陆地上Beneath our feet are literally thousands upon thousands of caves that no human being has ever set foot in. These subterranean worlds arent even in the minority.我们脚下有成千上万个洞穴,至今还没有人去过这些地下世界数量很大One estimate by National Geographic put the number of undiscovered caves at 90 percent of the planet total.《国家地理的一项评估认为,还有90%的洞穴没有被人类发现That number is now slightly out of date, but it goes to show just how unknowable the ground beneath our feet is.这个数据已经有些旧了,但依然可以说明要了解我们脚下的世界多么困难It doesnt help that the vast majority of caves are hidden, with no visible entrances at ground level.大部分洞穴还深藏不露,地面上没有看得见的入口Even in a region of the world as mapped and meticulously explored as the US, it thought that only 50 percent of its caves have likely been found.即使像美国这样地图信息比较完善,已经被仔细探索过的地方,仍有50%的洞穴未被发现This means that all of those grand, crystal-filled caverns you occasionally see photos of online might be only the tip of the iceberg.这也就是说,你在网上看见的那些震撼人心、充满水晶的洞穴照片,可能只是冰山一角There a whole undiscovered world down there, a lightless place cut off from the surface centuries, perhaps millennia. Who knows? There might even be Morlocks.地下还有一整个没被发现的世界,一个远离地表几年百年甚至上千年的黑暗世界谁知道呢?说不定下面还有莫洛克人呢.The Fate Of Pollution In Our Oceans.海洋污染物的结局Here a sobering thought: There may be nowhere left on Earth that isnt polluted.有一种观点让人心情沉重:地球上可能没有哪一寸地方没有被污染了Thanks to swirling air and sea currents, along with millions of factories and billions of cars all spewing out gunk into the environment, there may not be a single patch of the world left that is completely pollution-free.受到大气环流和洋流的影响,几百万工厂和几百万车辆喷出的废气废物已经污染了世界的各个角落If that freaks you out, wait until you hear the next bit: Some scientists think that this planet will never again see an unpolluted sea.这一个观点更让你惊恐:有些科学家认为地球上的海洋也全部被污染,再也不会变干净了Thanks to our wastefulness in the th century, Earth oceans may be polluted ever.由于世纪我们挥霍无度,地球海洋已经被污染了This disturbing news comes courtesy of microplastics. Originally part of plastic bottles and bags, microplastics are the tiny fragments that split off and get broken down into ever smaller pieces.塑料微粒诞生了这些让人不安的消息塑料微粒是由塑料瓶和塑料口袋分解而成的细微的塑料碎片They can currently be found in just about every patch of ocean on Earth, and no one is sure if they can ever be properly cleaned up.它们出现在地球海洋的任一水体中,没人知道能否把它们清除干净The most pessimistic scientists genuinely think that they will remain as long as there are oceans left on Earth.最悲观的科学家认为,海洋存在多久,这些塑料微粒就会随之存在多久1.Undiscovered Civilizations1.未知文明It seems like youd have to be pretty clumsy to lose something as massive as an entire civilization. Nevertheless, our species has managed this extraordinary feat not once, not twice, but dozens (maybe hundreds) of times.能把整个文明弄丢的人不知道有多笨拙然而,人类这样的经历却不止一两次,可能是十几次,甚至几百次Many of those societies, like the Olmecs, have since been rediscovered. They may just be the tip of the iceberg, though.人们重新发现了很多社会文明,比如奥梅克文明,而这可能只是冰山一角Some scientists think that new technology has placed us on the verge of uncovering dozens of merly lost civilizations.有些科学家认为新技术可以让我们迅速找到十几种消失的文明The depths of the rain est have long been adept at hiding traces of human activity. Just ask any of the doomed explorers who set off to find El Dorado or the Lost City of Z.热带雨林环境复杂,掩盖了很多人类活动的痕迹问问那些四处找寻埃尔多拉多或者失落的Z城却空手而返的探险家,你就知道了That not to say that the rain ests are empty. Weve occasionally glimpsed signs of widesp agricultural work or excavations that took place long ago.这并不是说热带雨林里什么都没有我们偶尔会发现农业劳作或者挖掘土地留下的历史悠久的痕迹 such large-scale projects to have been undertaken, it stands to reason that there must have been a civilization in each area driving them.这样大规模的工程表明其背后必定有某种文明The potential is now there us to attempt to locate these long-gone peoples, possibly by flying specially equipped drones through remote areas of rain est.借助带有特殊装备的无人飞机搜寻热带雨林,我们有可能找到这些消失很久的族群If were lucky, we may yet find traces of a bygone people (or peoples) wed somehow gotten all about.如果我们走运,我们或许能发现早以被遗忘的古老人群(或说种群)生活过的痕迹 70Scheduling a Delivery 预约送货时间A: Thank you purchasing your new mattress with us.感谢您从我们店里购买床垫B: No, thank you.也谢谢你A: Would you like us to deliver the mattress you?您希望我们把床垫寄给您吗?B: That would be great.那样很好A: When do you want it delivered?你希望什么时候寄给您呢?B: I need it delivered tomorrow. Will that be possible?我希望能在明天寄给我这样可以吗?A: What time exactly?具体的时间是什么呢?B: I need it delivered at :00.在点的时候寄给我A: We can have it to you at that time.我们可以在那个时间送到B: That not a problem?没有问题吧?A: We will deliver your mattress tomorrow at oclock.我们会在明天点的时候把床垫寄送给您B: That great! Thank you very much.太好了!非常感谢 98

5.World Trade Center 9 (Steve Ludlum)5.9·世贸中心(史蒂夫·劳德伦)The power of Steve Ludlum photos are astounding, and the written description only tends to dilute the impact. The consequences of the second aircraft crashing into New York WTC were devastating: fireballs erupted and smoke billowed from the skyscrapers anticipating the towers collapse and monstrous dust clouds.史蒂夫拍下的9·事件的照片令人震惊,任何形式的书面说明都只能起到冲淡照片影响的结果第二辆飞机冲向纽约世贸中心所造成的毁灭是非常巨大的,火焰爆发成巨大的的球状,浓烟滚滚,世贸中心的天大楼从顶部开始垮塌,掀起壮观的灰尘.After the Tsunami (Arko Datta).海啸过后(尔科·达塔)One of the most representative and striking photos of the aftermath of the Indian Ocean tsunami was taken by Reuters photographer Arko Datta in Tamil Nadu. He won the World Press Photo competition of . Kathy Ryan, jury member and picture editor of The New York Times Magazine, characterized Datta image as a ;graphic, historical and starkly emotional picture.;路透社的尔科·达塔在泰米尔纳德邦拍摄了其中一张对印度海啸过后的拍摄中最有代表性且惊心动魄的图,并且获得了年的荷赛奖Kathy Ryan(纽约时代杂志的配图编辑兼荷赛奖评审团成员)说,达塔的这张照片是一张图像化、历史化了的饱含情感的照片;After the Tsunami; illustrates an Indian woman lying on the sand with her arms outstretched, mourning a dead family member. Her relative was killed by one of the deadliest natural disasters that we have ever seen: the Indian Ocean tsunami.;海啸过后;展示了一个印第安妇女平趴在地面上,双手伸直为她遇难的家人祈祷的画面她的家人全部丧生于印度洋海啸中3.Bhopal Gas Tragedy 198 (Pablo Bartholomew)3.198年帕尔毒气案(巴勃罗-巴塞洛缪)Pablo Bartholomew is an acclaimed Indian photojournalist who captured the Bhopal Gas Tragedy into his lens. Twenty-six years have passed since India worst industrial catastrophe injured 558,5 people and killed as many as ,000. Because safety standards and maintenance procedures had been ignored at the Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL) pesticide plant in Bhopal, a leak of methyl isocyanate gas and other chemicals triggered a massive environmental and human disaster. Photographer Pablo Bartholomew rushed to document the catastrophe. He came across a man who was burying a child. This scene was photographed by both Pablo Bartholomew and Raghu Rai, another renowned Indian photojournalist. ;This expression was so moving and so powerful to tell the whole story of the tragedy;, said Raghu Rai.巴勃罗·巴塞洛缪是一位拍摄了帕尔惨案的印度著名记者印度最惨烈的工业惨案已经过去了6年(这是本文写作时候的年份),当年的惨案使5585人受重伤,并害死了一万五千人联合碳化印度有限公司忽视了安全因素和维修设备这两个重大因素,使得大量剧毒异氰酸甲酯毒气和其他化学物质泄漏,造成了严重的人员伤亡和环境污染摄影师巴勃罗第一时间赶去记录下了这悲剧性的事件,当经过一个正在埋葬孩子的人时,他和另一位印度著名记者洛古·雷拍下了上图这一张悲剧性的照片洛古·雷说:;这张照片非常有震撼力,悲剧意味十足,最能够代表整个帕尔惨案;.Operation Lion Heart (Deanne Fitzmaurice).狮心手术(迪安·菲茨莫里斯)Pulitzer Prize award winning photojournalist Deanne Fitzmaurice won the highly respected award in the photographic essay ;Operation Lion Heart.;年的普利策新闻摄影奖被颁发给报道了;狮心手术;的迪安·菲茨莫里斯;Operation Lion Heart; is the story of a 9-year-old Iraqi boy who was severely injured by an explosion during one of the most violent conflicts of modern history – the Iraq War. The boy was brought to a hospital in Oakland, CA where he had to undergo dozens of life-and-death surgeries. His courage and unwillingness to die gave him the nickname: Saleh Khalaf, ;Lion Heart;. Deanne Fitzmaurice shocking photographs ran in the San Francisco Chronicle in a five-part series written by Meredith May.;狮心手术;说的是一位九岁伊拉克小男孩的故事,他在现代最激烈的武装冲突——伊拉克战争中被严重炸伤这位小男孩之后被送到了加利福利亚州的奥克兰市,在那里接受了多次生死攸关的手术他对死亡不屈不挠的勇气使他得到了一个绰号:萨利赫·哈拉夫(Saleh Khalaf即狮子的心脏)迪安·菲茨莫里斯这一张令人震惊的图片被旧金山新闻的记者梅瑞狄斯写入了一篇分为五部分的报道中1.Tragedy of Omayra Sanchez (Frank Fourier)1.奥玛伊拉·桑切斯的死亡悲剧(法兰克·傅里叶)Frank Fournier captured the tragic image of Omayra Sanchez trapped in mud and collapsed buildings. The eruption of the Nevado del Ruiz volcano in Colombia 1985 triggered a massive mudslide. It devastated towns and killed 5,000 people.法兰克·傅里叶报道了奥玛依拉·桑切斯陷入泥浆和倒塌的建筑物中并活活致死的惨剧1985年位于哥伦比亚的内华达火山爆发,火山灰席卷了大量泥浆,淹没了附近的城镇,造成了两万五千人惨死After 3 days of struggling, Omayra died due to hypothermia and gangrene. Her tragic death accentuated the failure of officials to respond quickly and save the victims of Colombia worst ever natural disaster. Frank Fournier took this photo shortly bee Omayra died. Her agonizing death was followed live on TV by hundreds of millions of people around the world and started a major controversy. May her soul rest in peace…在被淹没三天过后,奥玛依拉死于体温过低和身体坏疽她的死亡是对政府在解救自然灾害受害者工作过失的最强有力的谴责在傅里叶拍摄完成的很短时间之内,奥玛依拉就去世了她的死亡经过电视报道之后引发了全世界人民的广泛关注和辩论,愿死者安息翻译:欧阳远丽 来源:前十网 1918

加工贸易Processing and assembling tradeA: Hello, Mr. Brow. Nice to see you again.您好,史密斯先生,见到您很高兴B: Hello, Mr. Wu. It really a pleasure to meet you at the Guangzhou Fair. How business?您好,吴先生,在广交会上再次见到您真高兴,生意怎么样?A: Fairly good. Is there anything I can book you right now?不错目前有什么我可以为您订购的吗?B: Are you interested in the processing business?你们对加工业务有什么兴趣吗?A: Were also doing business of processing with materials supplied by customers when we have surplus production. What type of products do you intend to process?当我们有多余的生产能力时,我们也做来料加工业务你们要加工什么产品?B: Toys, to be processed with our material and designs.玩具、用我们的材料和式样A: Ok. You can take advantage of the cheap labor and production costs.行,你们可利用低廉的劳动力和生产成本B: I see. Wed like to know your rate of processing charges.我知道我们想了解你们的加工费率A: I think the processing fees shall be fixed on the basis of the world labor price with a discount of %.我认为加工费在国际劳务价格的基础上打8折B: That great.太好了A: The supplied materials shall be delivered to our warehouse at your expense. If any defect is found in the materials supplied by you, we will advise you of it immediately, and you will send over replacements in time. The allowance damage to materials in the course of processing is 3%.供应的原材料应由你们自费运到我们的仓库如果发现你们提供的材料有缺损,我们将立刻通知你们你们应及时更换在加工过程中,材料的损耗率是3%B: I think we may accept it. You shall process in strict accordance with the design, and deliver the finished products in conmity with the contract terms respecting the time of delivery, quality and quantity.我想我们可以接受这些条件但是你们应该严格照设计加工,并照合同规定的时间,质量交货A: That sounds reasonable. How long will it take to process this amount of goods?挺合理,那么加工这批货需要多长时间呢?B: It will take ~ days to process the goods from the day we receive the material you supply.从收到贵方原料起需~天A: What quantity do you need?数量有多少?B: About four or five thousand metric tons per month.每月大约000~5000公吨A: OK. I hope a pleasant cooperation between us.好的真诚希望彼此合作愉快;in conmity with something;意为;与某事物相一致;顺从某事物;例如:act in conmity with rules, law etc.(照规定、法律等行事)又如:in conmity with your request, instruction, wishes, etc(遵照你的要求、指示、愿望等) 7A journalist has tested the safety of a 30-metre-long glass bridge by slamming it with a sledgehammer.日前,一名记者为检测一座30米长的玻璃桥的安全性,用铁锤猛击桥面The makers of the world longest and highest glass-bottomed bridge in Central China Zhangziazie Grand Canyon invited B Dan Simmons to try to smash his way through the panels - some 300 metres above the ground.这座桥位于张家界大峡谷,是世界上最长、最高的玻璃桥,桥面离地300米大桥的建造者邀请B记者丹·西蒙斯来到张家界,让他尽全力猛砸桥面The journalist was seen repeatedly swinging a sledgehammer down into the bridge in an attempt to break through the glass. Despite smashing the top layer of glass with a number of blows from the sledgehammer, the two reinced layers of glass below the surface remain intact.据悉,该记者多次抡起大锤砸向桥面,试图砸碎上面的玻璃尽管大锤敲击的最外层玻璃出现了许多裂痕,但是下面两层更加坚固的玻璃则完好无损The president of the company behind the bridge vowed it could withstand 5 people jumping on one panel all at once.负责建设这座桥的公司的总裁信誓旦旦地表示,该桥面可以承受5个人同时跳跃The nail-biting structure, which is between two cliffs in the national park of Zhangjiajie, is set to open to bold tourists in July. The platm, which cost 6 million Yuan to build, offers panoramic views of the Hunan province.这座桥建在张家界两座悬崖之间,采用咬合结构,将于今年7月份对游客开放此外,该桥建筑成本达到了600万人民币,给游客提供了一个观览湖南省全景的机会 55

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